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Technology Research and Development

Does the present technology support other languages, such as Chinese and Korean?

We do support Chinese and Korean, in addition to Japanese and English. We plan to increase the number of supported languages in future.

Company Strategy and Management Policy

What are the Human Resource policies followed at UBIC

UBIC strives to recruit people we can be proud of. While recruiting a resource, the company attempts to assess the candidate’s desire and capability to contribute to the society and the company. We have organizational practices to assist accelerated career growth, thereby achieving high employee retention. Providing the best possible employee benefits has always been UBIC’s focus, and we continue to work on improving that.

Corporate information

What are the business activities UBIC is engaged in?

UBIC employs latest technologies and procedures, which we call ‘legal high technologies’, in litigation support services. The process of Discovery in US litigations mandate mutual evidence information disclosure before trials. The huge volume of enterprise information, stored in electronic format, has to be filtered and disclosed for eDiscovery. Additionally, paper based information must be processed and disclosed as per Paper Discovery. To avoid an inordinate amount of time and resources needed to get this done manually, advanced technology has to be employed for fast, accurate and secure handling of corporate information. UBIC is specialized in working with state-of-the-art technologies to extract evidence information from digitized data. We offer our customers benefit of the latest technologies for Discovery, which help to minimize risks of information processing errors or unintended exposure of sensitive corporate information. Our aim is to consistently provide highly reliable service and contribute to success of customers’ business. UBIC labs are equipped with the most advanced security measures to ensure protection of critical information assets. Our team of experts have significant experience in all aspects of Discovery.

Please refer to our Business Overview section for details.

What is UBIC’s future business strategy and vision?

Please read message from our President here.

How does UBIC differentiate itself from other international companies doing similar work?

Our unique strength is the ability to provide integrated in-house services from beginning to end of a litigation process, as expressed in our “One-Stop-Solution” philosophy. Being Japanese, we are a team of natural high performers.

What corporate governance practices are in place at UBIC?

While UBIC aims to create an organization that can respond to changes in the business environment promptly and flexibly, we work hard at improving our corporate governance practices by following compliance processes and increasing management transparency.

Our business is fraud investigations. However, we work for a broader mission of corporate lawsuit support and social responsibility. We measure ourselves in our ability to improve corporate governance and contribute to corporate success, and most of all, being able to earn our shareholders’ trust. At UBIC, we believe excellent relationship with all stakeholders to be the key to our success.

How is UBIC contributing to a better environment?

Our company is fully aware of the environmental impact made by the global business community. UBIC follows environment friendly practices and is actively engaged in activities like promoting waste reduction, recycling and efficient usage of resources and energy.

What Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives have been taken by UBIC

At UBIC, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are considered to be an essential part of sustainable growth strategy of our companies. Initiatives for enhancement of corporate governance, strengthening of compliance, addressing environmental concerns etc. have been actively promoted by the company. We recognize the importance of environmental preservation and environment friendly business practices to minimize the impact on the environment. UBIC aims to reconcile ecology and economy by building an environmentally sound management foundation. The company regularly conducts training and awareness programs for employees. Environmental conservation has to be driven by the efforts of the entire organization, down to individual levels by every officer and employee –at work as well as in their daily lives. We promote the idea of aggressively working towards this goal.

How does UBIC ensure compliance?

Our company has built up a healthy employee relationship through fair workplace practices, which is an important part of our broader aim of social enrichment through work. We have a Compliance Manual outlining the basic principles of work to be followed by employees. UBIC also has a process in place for providing compliance report to external authorities and we keep working to improve this even further.

Does UBIC have any subsidiaries ?

We established a U.S subsidiary in December 2007.

When was the company founded?

On August 8, 2003.

When was UBIC enlisted in Tokyo Stock Exchange?

On June 26, 2007

What is the origin of the corporate name ‘UBIC’?

The name “UBIC” was derived from the initials of "Ultimate Business Intelligence Company”.
"Business Intelligence" is the technology to organize and perform analysis on huge amounts of data in the enterprise and extract useful information for corporate decision-making.
UBIC specializes in supporting business intelligence and high technology in the field of litigation.

What is the meaning of UBIC logo?

As the sun shines on the earth, so does UBIC propose to give light to enterprises in situations of crisis. The UBIC logo is a representation of the sun shining forth on the earth which resides at the centre of, and the character “U” of UBIC s placed just besides and to the right of the logo, thereby assuming a similar character of the sun.

About the stocks

What is UBIC’s ticker code?

It is 2158.

In which stock exchanges are UBIC’s stocks listed?

The Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.

What does one tradeable unit of UBIC stock represent?

Ten stock units.

What is the date for payment of dividends ?

March 31st of each year.

How are investors notified?

UBIC, as a practice informs its stockholders through an electronic notification. Additionally, all public notices are published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun too for those not able to receive an electronic notification.

What is the recent trend of UBIC stock prices?

Please see here (Link of UBIC’s Stock Price webpage on Yahoo).

Does UBIC have a preferred shareholders system in place?

UBIC shareholding structure currently has no preferred shareholders.

Please tell us about dividend payment.

UBIC pays dividend to those, who are registered stockholders on March 31, by a resolution decided in the Annual General Meeting.

Stock operations

What is the address of the shareholder list manager?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank Ltd, Marunouchi 1, 4, 5, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Contact Information and enquiry procedure concerning shares e.g. to know number of shares outstanding in your name?

UBIC stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf,. You can please enquire at the above address.

How can I transfer my shares?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

How can I report a change of address /address verification notification?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

How can I confirm/change my signature?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

I lost my share certificates. Can you please reissue it?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

Where should I contact if the dividend receipt doesn't reach me?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

How can I change the designated account for receiving dividend payment?

Since the stocks are managed by Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Securities on our behalf, please see the above address.

Where can I know the price of stocks acquired?

Buying price information should be available with your broker.


Where should I inquire for any clarifications needed?

For inquiries on our service and the products, please see "Products and Services Enquiry" section on the Helpline page.
For other enquiries, please see "Non Product/Services enquiry" section on the Helpline page.

UBIC’s Experience

UBIC has significant experience in employing computer forensic techniques to perform in depth investigation of corporate fraud and information leakage. UBIC’s achievements include more than 448 instances of cross border legal assistance, and more than 902 instances of completing corporate internal investigations. UBIC understands the use of information technology in litigation and provides extensive training programs in IT relevant to the legal industry. UBIC’s forensic training programs have been attended by more than 831 participants from both public and private sector companies.

UBIC can deploy field analysis engineers to customer sites to work on Enterprise Information Assets to prepare electronic evidence.

For more information on available services and to know more about UBIC’s experience and offerings, please contact UBIC.