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Summary of Consolidated Financial Results

Summary of Consolidated Financial Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2012
(Six Months Ended September 30, 2011)

UBIC provides one-stop-support, employing advanced technologies, for corporate Litigation Strategy and Crisis management.

A globalized economy demands enterprises to respond fast to changing business scenarios. Corporates need to continually observe the changing market dynamics, changes in the governing legal environment and promptly make adjustments to corporate strategy. UBIC assists today’s global enterprises in this task.
UBIC supports issues of Corporate strategy, Information and Asset management, International Litigation, and Incident Response utilizing the latest technologies and their team of experts.

UBIC’s Experience

UBIC has significant experience in employing computer forensic techniques to perform in depth investigation of corporate fraud and information leakage. UBIC’s achievements include more than 397 instances of cross border legal assistance, and more than 846 instances of completing corporate internal investigations. UBIC understands the use of information technology in litigation and provides extensive training programs in IT relevant to the legal industry. UBIC’s forensic training programs have been attended by more than 816 participants from both public and private sector companies.

UBIC can deploy field analysis engineers to customer sites to work on Enterprise Information Assets to prepare electronic evidence.

For more information on available services and to know more about UBIC’s experience and offerings, please contact UBIC.