UBIC offers advanced technology based one-stop-support for Corporate Legal strategy, Global law firm and Crisis management

At UBIC, we work with enterprises and law firms operating globally as a one-stop strategy support partner. Our portfolio consists of proprietary products and service offerings catering to a wide range of business scenarios.

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Evidence Discovery Support
International cartel investigation
Intellectual Property Litigation
PL Litigation
ITC Litigation
Antitrust law

Apart from the challenges of processing the vast evidence information in an enterprise, Discovery may involve processing documents in languages other than English. UBIC offers the advantage of complete discovery and litigation solutions and services in multiple languages

UBIC が考える国際訴訟への対処法

UBIC’s Experience

UBIC has significant experience in employing computer forensic techniques to perform in depth investigation of corporate fraud and information leakage. UBIC’s achievements include more than 442 instances of cross border legal assistance, and more than 896 instances of completing corporate internal investigations. UBIC understands the use of information technology in litigation and provides extensive training programs in IT relevant to the legal industry. UBIC’s forensic training programs have been attended by more than 817 participants from both public and private sector companies.

UBIC can deploy field analysis engineers to customer sites to work on Enterprise Information Assets to prepare electronic evidence.

For more information on available services and to know more about UBIC’s experience and offerings, please contact UBIC.